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Frequently Asked Questions

How many items can I expect to purchase?

This depends on your goals for the session. For a full wardrobe refresh we estimate 15-20 items. This is totalled between in-store purchases on the day and any online orders we suggest in our follow-up.

Can I purchase a voucher?

Our vouchers are available in amounts from €50 to €1000, as well as for specific services. You can purchase digital or physical vouchers that can be sent to you. To note, once your voucher has been purchased, you need to contact office@sylesavvy.ie to book your appointment!

What budget do I need?

We shop with any budget from €300 to €3000 and beyond.

We are comfortable from Primark to Prada and are committed to ensuring you get the best value for money and cost per wear for your purchases. There is a difference between volume and value, as value means something different to each client. This is discussed before we start shopping.

If you are not at a stage where you feel ready to shop, an online colour analysis and shape consultation could be a great introductory service for you.

When should I book?

There is no right or wrong time to book but these are our suggestions:

Winter Wardrobe:

From mid August to end October.

Spring Wardrobe:

Early March to May.

Summer Occasionwear:

Early March to May.

Summer Holiday Wardrobe:

June and July are ideal for holidays & sales.

Party Season / Winter Occasions:

From November to February.


All year round.

How long will I need to wait for an appointment?

Our typical wait time for in-person appointments is 3-5 weeks, depending on time of year and the days of the week you wish to shop. Online appointments carry a wait time of 2-3 weeks, again depending on your flexibility.

Should I book online?

  • You prefer to purchase new items in your own time, rather than on one appointment date
  • You don’t want to take time off midweek.
  • You wish to fit a consultation around your work schedule
  • Your childcare considerations mean an online consult can allow you to work around nap times and pick-ups
  • You are not living close to a big city
  • You are looking for something different or unique, and want to have a wider selection to choose from
  • You prefer shopping online

Should I book in-person?

  • You want to gain an understanding of fit and shape
  • You want to watch outfits come together on the shop floor
  • You want to learn how to shop for yourself
  • You want to observe the art of fabric choice and quality assessment
  • You don’t like shopping online

Is there any follow-up?

We send a comprehensive email containing all links to outstanding purchases or additional ones that we recommend within 48 hours of your appointment, alongside your personalised colour and shape guides.

How much prep do I need to do?

Once you book your appointment, you will be sent a Client Questionnaire, which asks you to answer a series of questions. This is the only prep that we require and allows us to prep effectively for your appointment with us.

Is a deposit required?

We do not take deposits for our appointments, but ask that all fees are paid before the appointment takes place. All payments can be processed online via our website. We also take cash payments, if noted with our booking team in advance.

I am self employed, can I expense your services?

If you have the potential to expense our services, please reach out to us before purchasing online, as we offer an hourly rate ex VAT for our consultations. Simply email office@stylesavvy.ie and we will advise further.

What if we can’t find what I need?

All outstanding items are linked to you in a follow-up email, within 48 hours of your appointment. We ensure that all requested items are provided to complete your appointment goals.

How often should I expect to shop?

There is no expectation to book follow-up appointments with us. We teach you how to shop. That said, most clients are eager to go on a journey with their style, which evolves over multiple appointments. With that in mind, we typically shop twice a year with our clients. Repeat appointments can be carried out online, if proximity to shops is difficult for you, or time is in short supply. Once we have worked with you and you have updated us, it is a quick and efficient top-up service.

Do you cater for diverse needs?

Yes we cater for all needs including sensory, hearing and visually impaired and those in need of additional breaks during an appointment.

What should I wear for a shopping appointment?

Separates that can be changed into and out of quickly is a great start.

For womenswear appointments, nude underwear is helpful.

Can I bring someone else with me?

We ask that you shop alone, to allow a high level of focus between stylist and client. If you have additional needs or are under 18, we are more than happy to accommodate a companion.