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Foxes, aka Louisa Allen has been hitting the big time in the UK and US, thanks to her hugely successful debut album  'Glorious' and Grammy award for Best Dance Recording, resulting from her duet with Zedd on the track 'Clarity' in 2013. We were thrilled to chat exclusively to Louisa about her Style, Wardrobe and Fashion Influences ahead of her highly anticipated Dublin date on her upcoming European 2016 tour in Whelans, Dublin on February 24th.

Foxes StyleSavvy

Describe your style in a few words...

"I think I dress like an 80's toddler! I take an inspiration from old movies, I love Matilda in Leon, Jane Berkin for a classier day look, and for free and fun I'd go with Edie Sedgwick. I definitely think my mood is to do with my style. I like mixing different colours and layers; I love dungarees, a band tee and Converse."

Is there any styles or trends you like to avoid?

"I don't like overly sexy things, I avoid cleavage and tight clothes, I'm a bit of a tomboy! In terms of fashion trends over the years, I'm not really a fan of flares, I prefer a tighter fit on the leg."

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe right now....

"My mum owns a vintage market and as a result my house looks like a car boot sale, constant clothes everywhere!  It's winter and I have this beautiful leopard-print jacket that my Mum found, it reminds me of Edie Sedgwick."

Most sentimental item.....

"There is a Biba dress that my Mum wore, my Grandmother re-made it to fit my Mum, it's a patchwork dress but my Grandma put her own patchwork into it, so I will definitely give it to my children. It feels like my family's dress."

Can you share your most practical purchase...something that has had a good cost-per-wear, as that's what we are all about here at

"I think a leather jacket is such a great investment. I have a vintage one that is always perfect; a fitted leather jacket is always a great thing to wear, with a t-shirt or dress, even in Summer. It's so versatile."

What is on your wish-list for this Winter season?

"I want to get some over the knee socks; quite a 60's style that I can put with a vintage dress or little skirt with tights underneath, a real 60s vibe."

Do you have any style considerations when performing?

"I love to feel floaty and free on stage, but I guess you need to find a way to be eye-catching. I like to get a bodice or all in one and have a really detailed or embellished jacket over it. I have a few versions including a Chinese printed one and I love throwing on a statement jacket, like a long gown that reflects the light on the stage."

As you are widely regarded as a fashion maven (ELLE magazine) and have been chosen as the face of H&M (Love Music Campaign) and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, would you consider a design collaboration on the future and if so,what type of clothes would you like to create?

"I love Patti Smith, Jane Berkin and Edie Sedgwick - women who look really powerful and confident in their clothes. I'd love to create something that women feel comfortable in, to fit all shapes and sizes, that is clearly focused on making women feel good. I'd like to work with a brand that really considered that." encourages women to shop for both your body and your budget. Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by when choosing items? It's got to be something that makes you feel confident. I've bought things before that look really good on someone else and not really thought about what it looks like on me, or how it makes me feel. If I feel really good in it and I feel confident, that's what I will go on. Clothing is there to express how you are feeling and express the best part of you." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Foxes will perform live in Whelan's on February 24th 2016. Selected tickets are still available right here

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