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As we come to the end of Winter and approach a new season, it’s important to make sure our wardrobes are versatile and adaptable. Early Sring weather is famously unpredictable, so before we break out our floral bardots and light-weight maxi dresses, we need to create the perfect transition wear wardrobe. Layering is key to transition wear. It ensures you are never too warm and never too cold, creating the perfect balance. By layering key pieces, such as those below, you can have the most style-worthy transition wardrobe.

The Trench Coat

The trench coat is a staple of every Spring and Autumn wardrobe, and easily bridges the gap between warm winter coats and summer jackets. The trench coat is lightweight but retains the warmth you need for mild days. Made famous by Burberry, the trench coat is a key piece for everyone.









The Stripe Shirt/Top

Naval stripes are a huge trend of Spring Summer 2017. A striped shirt or top gives a fresh, crisp look, essential for Spring. For transition wear, choose long-sleeved striped tops for extra warmth, and to stay on trend, go for a trumpet sleeve.










The Cropped Pant

As the temperature increases so do our hemlines. Cropped trousers are versatile – which is perfect for early spring. Pair them with heels or pumps for warmer days, or a leather boot for when it is raining. Wide-leg trousers are becoming increasingly popular with the revival of mom jeans and culottes, so for a chic look, perfect for the office or night out, our choice of cropped wide-leg trousers for M&S is the ideal choice.









The Warm Floral Dress

Floras are synonymous with Spring. However, with the weather still dull, bright florals are very hard to pull off. Instead, choose warm tones like dark reds keeping with the winter tonal palette while also introducing florals back into your wardrobe.










The Ankle Boot

Unpredictable weather means choosing the right shoe is essential – and that shoe is the ankle boot. Depending on how wet the weather is, choose a leather boot for rain and a suede boot for dryer days.


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