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How To: Shop Premium On The High Street

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High street shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. With the right knowledge and a trained eye, you can shop premium without emptying your wallet. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of shopping premium on the high street, with a particular focus on understanding fabric composition and tips for achieving an expensive look on a budget.
Whether you’re strolling down the highstreet or exploring online stores, this guide will help you make smart choices that elevate your style.

The Power of Fabric Composition
To shop premium on the high street, it’s crucial to understand the fabrics you encounter.
Fabrics play a pivotal role in the quality and overall aesthetic of your clothing. Here, we’ll delve into the world of natural fabrics like wool, leather, and cotton, and how to spot them while shopping.

Wool: A luxurious natural fabric known for its warmth and durability. When shopping for woolen garments, check the label for a high percentage of wool content. Merino wool is especially prized for its softness and insulating properties. Keep an eye out for terms like “100% Merino wool” or “wool blend,” which indicates a mix of wool and other materials. Premium high street brands often invest in high-quality wool, so look for well-known labels to ensure you’re getting the best. 

Try: Massimo Dutti, Uniqlo and Marks and Spencer

Leather: Leather exudes timeless sophistication and can elevate any outfit. When buying leather items such as jackets, bags, or shoes, examine the texture and smell. Genuine leather has a distinct, rich smell and a natural grain pattern. Investing in genuine leather may cost more upfront, but pays off in terms of durability and style longevity.
Faux leather is gaining in popularity but I would always recommend these steps to help you spot a good faux leather product, as this can be tricky. It starts with examining texture and feel; high-quality faux leather should mimic the grain and suppleness of genuine leather while feeling smooth and cool to the touch, without a strong chemical smell. Look for a consistent and uniform appearance, with a natural sheen, and check for neat stitching, well-finished seams, and edges. Test the material’s durability by gently tugging and ensuring it doesn’t stretch or tear easily, and be cautious of excessive colour transfer. 

Try: Zara, Anine Bing – faux leather
Theory, Joseph – real leather

Cotton :Cotton is a versatile and breathable fabric, making it ideal for high street shoppers. Premium brands often use high-quality cotton in their clothing. Look for items that specify “100% cotton” on the label to ensure you’re getting the real deal. When shopping for cotton, pay attention to stitching and finishing details; a well-made cotton garment will have neat seams and hems. 

Try: Uniqlo, COS.

Tips for Looking Expensive on a Budget
Now that we have looked at fabric composition, let’s explore strategies for achieving an expensive look without breaking the bank. 


Invest in Classics
Classic pieces never go out of style. Invest in timeless items like a tailored blazer, camisole, white shirt and wool coat. These staples can be mixed and matched with various accessories and other wardrobe items to create endless stylish outfits.

Second Hand and Vintage Stores
One person’s cast-off can be your treasure! While these don’t necessarily fall under the premium on the high street theme, I think they are definitely worth including. Second hand and vintage stores often hide unique, high-quality pieces at budget-friendly prices. Take your time to browse these shops, and you might stumble upon a designer gem or a vintage leather bag that adds an air of luxury to your ensemble. 

Try: Cobbler’s Wardrobe, 38 Dunville, Thriftify, Vestiaire Collective 

Focus on Fit
The fit of your clothing can make or break your look. Even budget-friendly items can look expensive if they fit you perfectly. Invest in alterations to ensure your clothes hug your body in all the right places. A well-fitted garment instantly elevates your appearance. 

Try: Alterations Centre, South Anne Street

Pay Attention to Details
Small details can have a big impact on how expensive your outfit appears. Replace cheap plastic buttons with stylish alternatives, and ensure that zippers and fasteners are in good working order. Additionally, subtle embellishments like embroidery or beading can give your clothing a premium edge.

High and Low Blend
high-end and high street pieces in your wardrobe to create a balanced look. Pair a statement designer handbag with an affordable dress or combine a luxurious silk scarf with a well-fitted blazer from a high street brand. This mix of high and low creates a visually diverse and interesting ensemble.

Accessories Matter
Accessories can elevate your outfit, so invest in high-quality shoes, belts, and jewelry. These items are often the first things people notice and can create a lasting impression of luxury, even when the rest of your ensemble is budget-friendly. Resale sites and pre-loved options work very well here.

Quality Over Quantity
Instead of buying a multitude of cheap items, save your money for a few high-quality, versatile pieces. These investments will last longer and offer more value in terms of style and durability.

In Summary:
Shopping premium on the high street is all about making informed choices. Understanding fabric composition and implementing smart shopping strategies can help you achieve an expensive look without breaking your budget. So, next time you hit the high street, keep an eye out for natural fabrics like wool, leather, and cotton, and remember the tips for looking expensive on a budget. You can also book a shopping appointment with me or my team!

Some Key Premium Pieces To Elevate Your Wardrobe: 

H&M: Oversized Cashmere Jumper

H&M: Oversized Turtleneck Jumper

H&M Hooded Down Jacket

H&M Straight Leather Trousers 

Zara Faux Leather Midi Skirt

ASOS Urbancode Real Leather Skirt

Selected Femme Leather Mini Skirt

COS The Clean Cut T-Shirt

Pre Loved:
Chloé Slip On Sneakers

Bash Black Distressed Ankle Boots 

Prada Velvet Sandals

Please note that some product suggestions contain affiliate links. 

Laura Jordan’s Ultimate Sale Shopping Guide: What & Why To Buy This Summer

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Wow! Thank you all so much for the fantastic feedback on our recent Zara Sale Shopping Picks.
The response sparked lots of enquiries about sale shopping in different stores and at different price points so I was inspired to compile an ultimate list of sale shopping picks and most importantly, shed light on the reasons behind each of my selections.

As I mentioned previously, The StyleSavvy® Method revolves around the art of smart shopping, regardless of your budget. Understanding which colours and shapes flatter you, as well as how to identify quality pieces, can significantly enhance your sale shopping experience.

For those interested in personalised support during the sale season, we offer a range of services designed to help you shop smarter. Whether online or in-person, my team and I are here to chat! You can contact us here 

High End:

BA&SH Verlaine Short Coat: With its sharp cut and an attention-grabbing collar, this bomber outshines its high-street counterpart at Zara, earning extra style points. Original Price €345.00. Sale Price €241.50, Brown Thomas.
MAJE Varreau Checked Tailored Jacket: This workwear basic looks equally chic with a tee, wide leg jeans and sandals, as with black trousers and loafers, or a black dress and heels. A truly versatile and timeless piece you will have for years to come. Original Price€355. Sale Price €177.50, Brown Thomas.

MAJE Bourget Leather Jacket: The ultimate leather/bomber hybrid, a must-have for effortless transitional dressing.  Original Price €455.00. Sale Price €273.00, Brown Thomas.
SANDRO Clarance Draped Asymmetric Dress: This stylish dress ticks all three major boxes: it features flattering sleeves, a V-neck to complement a larger bust, a diagonal cut that flatters the tummy, and a versatile length suitable for various occasions. Original Price €265. Sale Price €185.50, Brown Thomas.

Farm Rio GRAPHIC FOLIAGE MINI DRESS: With its warm-tones, this dress is the perfect companion for your hot holiday adventures, keeping you cool and chic throughout. Original Price €225, Sale Price €179.95, Zalando. 

RIXO Daisy open-back sequinned tulle midi dress:  One of my favourite things to do in a Sale is to purchase off-season. Buy this stunning sequinned dress now for a New Year’s Event or Christmas Wedding. Original Price €490. Sale Price €245, Net-A-Porter.
High Street:
Wool double-breasted coat: Buy ahead for Winter, this is a classic shape and will not date. Original Price € 89.99. Sale Price € 59.99 € 59.99, Mango.

Modal-blend suit blazer: Choose blue for cool tones or green for warm tones, available from XS to 4XL. Mango has excellent curve options. Original Price € 79.99. Sale Price € 49.99, Mango.

Floral quilted gilet: The only trend item to make it into the Edit; wear over a tee at weekends or with a white or blue shirt and dark wash jeans for work. Original Price € 49.99. Sale Price € 39.99, Mango.

Pocket tweed jacket: This jacket lifts a tee and jeans, a complete winner for most skin tones. Original Price € 69.99.  Sale Price € 49.99, Mango.

Suit jacket with buttons: This jacket features a vibrant colour that will pack a punch. Even better, it’s now 50% off! With its drop-buttoned style and fantastic cut, it’s a must-have for so many events – from the races to weddings. Original Price € 69.99. Sale Price € 35.99, Mango.

SLIM-FIT HEAVYWEIGHT LONG-SLEEVED T-SHIRT: This is a great weekend bright basic and makes a bright alternative to white. Original Price €35.  Sale Price  €19,00, COS.

REGULAR-FIT DOUBLE-BREASTED BLAZER: Wear with the matching suit trousers (below ) now and black in Winter. The fabric is thick enough to pop a polo neck under it also. Original Price €150. Sale Price €75, COS.
WIDE-LEG TAILORED WOOL TROUSERS: These are a beautifully cut wide leg trouser. Can be worn with matching jacket ( above ) or with a simple black or white long sleeve top. Original Price €125. Sale Price  €60, COS.
TWIST-DETAIL HALTERNECK JUMPSUIT: Pair this stunning piece with heels and consider investing just €20 to have it expertly taken up, ensuring a perfect fit that grazes your ankles (Think a two-finger gap just above your ankle bone). Original Price €115.  Sale Price €80, COS.

Accessories – High End: 

BA&SH Suede Swing Bag: A bag to see you straight through to Autumn, this crescent shape is very on-the-money, a designer label without the Isabel Marant price tag. Original Price €350. Sale Price €245, Brown Thomas.

JW ANDERSON Chain Anchor Shoulder Bag: An evening bag for every month of the year for a highly discounted price. Original Price €790. Sale Price €295, Brown Thomas.

ACNE STUDIOSLogo Shopper Tote: This is laptop-friendly, a hard box to tick, great for commuter days. Original Price €490.  Sale Price €245, Brown Thomas.

ISABEL MARANT Cadix Raffia Basket Tote: A beach bag with a luxe element, that is a significantly lower price point than a Loewe or Celine. Original Price €420. Sale Price  €250, Brown Thomas.

PRADA Cat Eye Sunglasses: A great shape that will lift the cheekbones. Original Price €230. Sale Price €115, Brown Thomas.  

Accessories – High Street:
Natural fiber carrycot: Another dupe for the Loewe basket bag look. Original Price € 45.99. Current price €29.99, Mango.

LEATHER Chain leather bag: A great YSL dupe and similar colour to the Ba&sh above. Original Price €59.99.  Sale Price €39.99, Mango.

Long chain handle bag: Small, chic & boxy this bag looks so much more expensive than it is. Sale Price €22.99. Sale Price €15.99, Mango.

Polarised sunglasses: These shades look designer and the oversized frame suit most face shapes. Original Price €19.99. Sale Price €9.00, H&M.

Bucket bag: This bag is great for holidays or worn as a crossbody with neutral colours. Original Price €32.99. Sale Price €22, Mango.

Large patterned scarf: Statement scarves are a fantastic way to elevate a leather jacket and tee. Original Price€15.99. Sale Price €7.00, H&M.

Menswear – High End:
AMERICAN VINTAGE Devon Crew Neck T Shirt: A super tee brand, this one is soft and washes well. Original Price €55. Sale Price €25, Brown Thomas.

A.P.C. Chandler Crew Neck Sweater: Buy ahead for Autumn, this sweater is great for blue eyes. Original Price €250. Sale Price €120, Brown Thomas.

PS PAUL SMITH Mid Rise Tapered Leg Jeans:  A staple denim in a really versatile shade. Original Price €195. Sale Price €85, Brown Thomas.

Menswear – High Street: 

100% leather jacket : This is incredible value for a jacket you will wear all year. Layer over a tee in Summer and a fine knit jumper in Winter. Mango is often overlooked in Menswear, always well worth a browse. Original Price € 199.99. Sale Price € 119.99, Mango.

Checked flannel shirt: A hard-working layering piece that once again you can wear all year round. Original Price € 49.99. Sale Price € 29.99, Mango.

Slim fit denim-effect serge trousers: These are a chino-denim hybrid and are great for work. Original Price €49.99. Sale Price €29.99, Mango.

SPLIT SUEDE SPORT SHOES: A great sporty look shoe. Original Price €55.95. Sale Price €39.99, Zara.

MULTIPIECE TRAINERS: Another great versatile trainer that will take you from work to drinks with pals. Original Price €49.95. Sale Price €39.99, Zara.

Please note that some of these links are affiliates, which means I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through them.

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