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Let’s Talk Personal Shopping with Laura Jordan

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We caught up with Laura, the Founder and Creative Director of StyleSavvy®, to chat about the world of personal shopping. From the beginning to the end, we discuss what makes these experiences special, who’s booking them – and why. We’ll discover what sets StyleSavvy® apart in the fashion world- and, we’ll get a sneak peek at her top picks for the upcoming season.

Hi Laura! Can you give us a breakdown on how a Personal Shopping appointment works with you – both online and in person?
Hi! Of course, this is a very common question, as it can be a daunting prospect to place your new style in the hands of a stranger.

For online consultations, once your session is booked in with us, we send you a Welcome Pack detailing what to expect and how to prep. We also ask you to complete our digital questionnaire, which is a quick and easy way to share helpful info with us and think about your consultation goals. During our Zoom session, we talk through this and gather as much information as possible, to create the best possible edit of product links for you. Each is tailored, providing an edit that works for your life, style, body and budget. We ask for feedback once the list is sent and also once your product arrives. Online consultations are ideal for our clients who prefer to shop online, are short on time or don’t wish to travel to Dublin, or find the shopping experience inaccessible, for many reasons.

Online consults are growing in popularity, as we require only a 30 minute Zoom call during your working day, the rest of the work is on us, it is just product ordering and feedback required, which can be done from the comfort of your sofa.

Our in-person consultations have the same prep elements, with a sit-down consultation at the start of the appointment, usually over coffee, to discuss goals, the completed questionnaire and our plan for the session, including shops we intend to visit and any questions regarding brands or budget. We shop with purpose, there is little browsing, making the experience very time efficient. Our clients are often amazed that we can complete a capsule wardrobe within one appointment session! We often have follow-up after an in-person consultation also, with links to products that we like and could not see in-store, or online alternatives that we prefer.

What are the reasons someone might book you for a personal shopping appointment?
Most people have either had some kind of life change (pregnancy, weight loss or gain, change of job or personal circumstance), have no time or interest in shopping, or feel out of the loop with the shopping experience, including what is on-trend or in fashion. Most of our clients do not enjoy shopping at all, we are very sensitive to that. Those that do often feel that they have not got the best value from their spend, and are keen to work with us to try and fix this.

Your spend is focused, your time is focused and your outcome is focused. We set our clients up for success, whether they shop with us twice a year, or want to learn how to shop for themselves.

Do you notice many similarities between people who book?
Yes, most do not enjoy shopping; they find it stressful, overwhelming, or simply don’t feel they are successful at finding the right clothes for them.

How do you understand a client’s preferences and style?
This comes about surprisingly quickly. We ask for style inspiration in our questionnaire, including aspirational brands, encourage increased feedback for the first couple of shops we visit, so we can focus our edit further and from there we often get a successful read. This requires honesty on the part of the client and flexibility on the part of the stylist. The more times we work together, the more focused we get.


Personal shopping is the most rewarding of the services that we offer and the work that I do. My most significant appointments are when I can see a client stand taller in the mirror when they see how they look in new clothes and most importantly how this makes them feel. One of my clients became emotional when she saw her reflection and after a tough few years felt like her best self again, I will never forget her, that is priceless to me.

With the rise of online shopping and virtual personal shopping services, how has the landscape of personal shopping evolved in recent years?
This is so interesting to experience, we are now able to offer a global shopping and styling experience, which fascinates me. We can source clothes and accessories from all over the world and can offer a broad edit. Even pre-covid, we were heavily reliant on in-store product selection, this is no longer the case.

The time and effort involved in shopping can be significant, especially for busy professionals or individuals with specific requirements. How does personal shopping help clients save time and make the process more efficient?
Clients are often fascinated by how fast we work! For the most part, our clients are happy to relax in a changing room, while we bring the clothes to them. This allows some emails to be answered or quick calls to be taken, without booking annual leave to work with us.

 For our wardrobe edits, we require only 30 mins of talking time, for our outfit- pairing services, it is more like 10. We work fast and efficiently, as we are used to working with busy people, who are under time pressure.

Are there any key pieces you would suggest to clients at this time of year?
Absolutely, we are seeing Autumn stock arriving thick and fast, here are some of my top picks:


Cream trench coat:
Why? Cropped but not tight, this works over blouses and tees, is smart enough to pair with tailored trousers, while looking smart with jeans. Add a scarf when it gets colder and you’re set until some heavy wool is needed. Use again from April onwards.

Loewe belt: a punchy price, I’ve chosen this due to its cost-per-wear potential. Add to Summer dresses now, tailored trousers for work and jeans for the weekend and you have a year-round luxe product, offering a potential 3-4 day a week wear.

Zara sequin ballet flats:
as ridiculous as they are fabulous, swap your sandals for these for as long as bare feet are bearable. A great evening option when you don’t want height. These have a padded sole, making them a comfy wear at a  good price point.

Slim Jeans:  my current pick. Why? No whiskering, uniform dye. Opt for the bright blue wash now and deep blue for Autumn.



Best tees on the market: soft and sleek, with a great fit.

Pure Cotton Overshirt:  ideal over a white, navy or striped tee for Autumn. 
Best high street jeans: I would choose Indigo only.

Please note that some product suggestions contain affiliate links. 

Inside Look: February at StyleSavvy

By News

Welcome to our monthly recap of everything that’s been going on at StyleSavvy!

February was a busy month for us; with exciting photo shoots, TV appearances, and lots of new season wardrobe consultations and personal shopping appointments.
We’ve been working hard to help our clients look and feel amazing as the weather changes, whether that means a complete wardrobe overhaul or just a few key pieces to freshen things up.

But it’s not just our incredible clients who have been keeping us busy – we’ve also been working on some exciting projects of our own! Behind the scenes, we’ve been busy updating our website and developing some new elements that we can’t wait to share with you soon.

Appeared on Style Counsellors on RTE:
This was filmed in November, so it was important to incorporate some colour for Spring. Capsule wardrobes are my thing, we are all about them here at StyleSavvy. We are passionate about all things mixing and matching and the impact that has on consistency and cost per wear: to be able to talk about this and share some top tips on RTE1 was fantastic. I also talked about hemlines and how  to choose ones that flatter your body shape.

Showcased Spring Fashion on Ireland AM:
This has been one of my busiest months for weekend tv. With segments every weekend, weekdays have involved lots of planning and pulling gorgeous looks. From Spring styles at Carraig Donn to Valentines Looks and Layering like a Pro , we’ve covered a wide range of fashion topics. For any further fashion or styling questions, be sure to follow us on Insta! 

Featured in The Irish Independent:
It was a pleasure to contribute to Irish Independent Weekend magazine’s ‘100 ways to save’ on 25th February. We are passionate about shopping smart. Simple changes in your approach to shopping and purchase planning can make a big difference. The cover feature was unexpected! If you’d like to know more about shopping smart get in touch with us here!
Attended Design Showcase at The British Embassy:
It was a treat to be invited for a new design showcase at the British Embassy just as London Fashion week was ending. Students from LSAD were on hand to provide a fashion show of new concepts, all with a sustainable edge. I love attending anything that showcases young Irish talent.

StyleSavvy Glow Up:
This month has also been heavily focused on our brand refresh, from planning a shoot for the website, to selecting images, layouts and design for our 10 year ‘glow up’ I’m hoping it reflects more of our current mission and values and indeed the big plans we have for the next two years! Next step is our new logo and digital branding, which is very exciting.


Wardrobe Updates & Refresh:
Leah has been so busy hosting a lot of shopping appointments, both online and in person! These have been a mix of Spring wardrobe refresh, return to work after a career break or maternity leave, or a post-covid dress code change. She was working with a client in the US this week, which is exciting fo us as we branch into international online markets. We have seen an increase in mens styling requests, in particular Men’s personal shopping, which now accounts for 1 in 5 of our clients! If you would like to chat to us about updating your wardrobe you can contact us here.

Personal Shopping and Image Consultancy at DDI:
Leah is half way through lecturing the current personal shopping and image consultancy evening course in the Dublin Design Institute. We’re excited to be joined by makeup artist Orlaith Shore soon. She had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh and would highly recommend Princes St for shopping! 

We are hurtling towards Spring and are excited bring both our clients and subscribers alike the best wardrobe additions for the season ahead, allowing you to look good and feel good, every single day.

Happy Shopping,

Laura x

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