Men’s Styling

All our services are available for men and women. We specialise in wardrobe updates and maintenance for busy individuals who want to look smart for their work role and social life.

Taking the uncertainty out of what to wear and where to buy it, we offer image consultations, wardrobe edits, personal shopping and outfit planning for all elements of your life.

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We also offer Digital Audits to update your online image. We suggest edits and updates to reflect your most current role, responsibilities, goals and achievements.

More information on this service can be found in the ‘Individual’ tab of our Corporate section.

“When updating your wardrobe the most important spend is on time with Laura. I often buy the big brands as I don’t know any better but Laura opened my eyes to all that’s available! She is brilliant at finding the right fitting clothes for you and brought me to places I would never go to but are exactly right for me! In the future whenever I am making changes in my wardrobe I will hold of spending until I also include Laura in the budget”

Director, Retail

“Laura spent several hours helping me choose a new wardrobe, putting together more combinations, and giving me advice on what to look for, and where to shop. Overall this was a great experience, one that helped me not only build out a new wardrobe, but also improve how I shop. I will be returning to Laura to help with a winter wardrobe in the future, and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Director, Google

“I was given the wardrobe edit session as a gift. I wasn’t really sure what I would get out of it and was pleasantly surprised. Laura was great to work with and made the whole process really easy. She helped me see where I had double ups and things I was holding onto that I didn’t really like. Laura put together over fifty outfits. Having the photos is great and making getting ready so simple.”


“What a great service, I really enjoyed the morning, a great switch off, and Laura kept it simple with a short shopping list and links to exactly what I needed.”


“Laura helped me get my wardrobe sorted for a new job. It was a weight off my shoulders to have that box ticked ahead of a new role.”

Data Analyst 

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