Colour, Shape and Personal Shopping – Online

An hour long online image consultation that includes all of the key points in the colour and shape consultation, but is designed for those ready to shop and purchase new pieces. You will receive a comprehensive follow-up document within 48 hours, containing tailored links to items that work for your shape, colours and wardrobe.



How it Works:

  • Book your appointment date and time by mailing
  • Complete our digital questionnaire, which will be sent to you upon booking
  • Speak to our Online Style Specialist for 60 mins via video call
  • Receive your personalised colour and shape resource pack, alongside a tailored list of shoppable links via email, within 48 hours of your consultation. These links have been personally chosen for you, to suit your life, style, body and budget.

“This experience exceeded any expectations I had. Laura is an expert at what she does…I was amazed by how much we were able to cover in the time and never felt rushed.”

Director, Kerry Group

“It is so easy to get ready in the mornings with my new organised wardrobe, and the shopping trip was so efficient and well planned.”

Head Office, Brown Thomas

“I’ll admit to being slightly nervous on the day of the wardrobe review, but Laura was an absolute star. She first spent time getting to know my goals, what I wanted to achieve and what worked for me, and what did not. She then went through the wardrobe, removed what had to go, kept what was worth saving and surprised me with several combos. She gave me great advice on how to mix and match, and made me feel a lot better about the existing wardrobe. We then arranged a personal shopping appointment, where Laura spent several hours helping me choose a new wardrobe, putting together more combinations, and giving me advice on what to look for, and where to shop.”

Director, Google

“Laura put me at ease and listened to what I was hoping to achieve from my time with her. As we chatted like old friends, she removed 80% of my wardrobe and cut it back to basics which felt like the fresh start it needed. She then took notes on what we needed to get in our shopping appointment. I never liked clothes shopping and Laura made the whole experience so enjoyable. She taught me so much about the colours and shapes that work best for me, key basic pieces and how to get multiple outfits out of what you buy. I no longer dread opening my wardrobe or feel like I have nothing to wear. Thanks to Laura I have a wardrobe full of outfits (not just lots of individual pieces) that I love wearing.”

Finance, Google

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