We offer a wide range of styling consultation and personal shopping services.

We take pride in providing tailored services to individuals and groups, with the ultimate aim of elevating their style and image, increasing confidence and wellbeing.

Image Consultation

An online image consultation, giving you expert advice and opinion, tailored to your personal style and shape. Includes shop-able links, bringing your new clothes direct to your door.

“Leah was wonderful, it was so productive”

“My consult with Laura has massively improved my style and confidence, thank you”

Wardrobe Edit

A complete review of your wardrobe. Make the most out of what you already own and learn what you can add to boost your style.

“The age old problem of a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear has gone…I just wished I had booked this years ago – would have saved myself a fortune, thanks Laura”

“Leah was amazing. She gave such fantastic advice on outfits and how to sort my wardrobe to suit my lifestyle. I’ve a whole new wardrobe without a single purchase.”

Personal Shopping

Shop with one of our stylists, receive tailored advice to meet your style and wardrobe goals and learn the skills to achieve success while shopping.

“I never liked clothes shopping and Laura made the whole experience so enjoyable. She taught me so much about the colours and shapes that work for me, key basic pieces and how to get the best out of what you buy”

“Leah was so organised and professional and knew exactly what I was looking for”

Full Style Overhaul

This is the ultimate review of your style. A wardrobe analysis plus personal shopping experience, let our knowledge and skill allow you to take charge of your personal style and image. Two separate appointments, typically a week apart.

“Leah was wonderful…I learned so much from the whole experience”

“Laura is an expert at what she does…freely shares her knowledge with really useful tips. I was amazed by how much we were able to cover in the time and I never felt rushed.”

Corporate Styling

We offer a large range of services to corporate clients, including seminars, webinars, workshops and 1:1 consultations.

“We had such amazing feedback…Laura’s engaging presenting style helped make this one of our most successful events of the year”