IrelandAM – June 2020

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It was a pleasure to get back in the IrelandAM studio this week, after some outdoor pre-records, never the same as the live experience! You can watch it back on the Virgin Media Player until 26th June.

Fashion Styling – Online – May 2020

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We are all set to bring Fashion Styling to you – our well-known Dublin Design course is now online, with weekly webinars starting on 20th May – whether you want to work in the industry, or simply have
a passion for fashion, this covers is the ultimate industry inside view for the Irish and UK markets. More info can be found at

Trend Forecasting webinar – May 2020

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The ultimate 2 day webinar exploring the future of fashion…from SS20 and AW20 trends, to retail economics, theories of trend development, supply chain management and the significant impact of COVID19 on the retail industry…what’s next for fashion? Sign up to find out! all info at

Online Consultations – April 2020

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The dawn of the COVID19 pandemic altered the way we work, and it was time to bring StyleSavvy to you – we deliver the best advice for successful online shopping, ensuring your spend is focused and none of your deliveries are disappointing! We advise on how to shop smart for your life, your style, your body and your budget…

Dublin BIC – March 2020

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One of the most enjoyable events of this month was working with the Dublin BIC, who offer huge supports, resources, skill and infrastructure to entrepreneurs. Personal Brand development, as well as image and first impression, is a key aspect of business growth and success, as you mirror, elevate and match the image of your business’ success with your own.

Lidl Ireland – March 2020

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Spent a great evening with the Lidl HQ team in Dublin, talking all about the importance of Professional Image and Personal brand at work. Always enjoy speaking at evening events where the atmosphere is more relaxed and there is more time to explore individual questions and queries. Thank you for having me!