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Key Tips for Shopping for Winter Coats

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It’s that time of year again – Winter is approaching and the stores have started to fill up with their A/W Coat selections. Not only can it be overwhelming to choose a style that lasts for a few years but it can be hard to wade through the sheer volume of options on the market. With so many styles available, trying to choose the perfect one can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve used The Savvy Method and compiled some key tips to help you shop for the ideal winter coat that will keep you warm and stylish all season long.

1. Start with a plan & determine your needs: Before you start shopping, take a moment to assess your wardrobe and find the gaps. Consider a few things: climate & weather, your daily activities, and your personal style. Are you looking for a casual coat for everyday wear, or do you need something more formal for special occasions? Knowing your requirements will help you narrow down your options and make a more informed decision.

2. Choose the Right Material: The material of your winter coat plays a crucial role in its warmth and durability. Here are some common materials to consider:
a. Wool: Wool coats are excellent insulators and provide great warmth. They are a timeless choice for classic winter style.
b. Down: Down-filled coats offer exceptional insulation without excessive bulk. Look for coats with high-fill power for better warmth-to-weight ratio.
c. Synthetic Insulation: Synthetic materials like Thinsulate and PrimaLoft mimic the warmth of down but perform better when wet. They are suitable for wetter climates.
d. Faux Fur: Coats with faux fur-lined hoods or collars add a touch of luxury and extra warmth, making them perfect for harsh winters.

3. Find the Right Fit: A well-fitting winter coat not only looks better but also keeps you warmer. When trying on coats, consider the following:
a. Sleeve Length: Make sure the sleeves are long enough to cover your wrists when you stretch your arms.
b. Mobility: Ensure you can comfortably move your arms and shoulders, especially if you’ll be layering underneath.
c. Length: Decide whether you want a short, mid-length, or long coat. Longer coats provide more warmth, while shorter ones offer ease of movement.

4. When selecting the shape of your coat, consider the following tips: Opt for a single-breasted coat if you have a larger bust. For a boyish shape, choose a double-breasted coat and one with a tie waist to create curves. If you have hips and prefer not to draw attention to them, it’s advisable to avoid a tie waist and opt for a coat with darts for a more flattering look.

Consider Your Style:
Coats are not just a practical item to stay warm, they are a key component of all Winter looks. Considering how to use your coat as part of your outfit, rather than on top of it, is an important element of Winter styling.

If you need support with updating your wardrobe during the changing season, we currently have a number of slots available for our Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Edit sessions in October. We highly recommend securing your booking soon, as this is the prime time of year when stores offer their best selections. If in person doesn’t suit, we also cater for online appointments. 

Some of my favourite A/W ’23 coats available in store now:

Womenswear Smart:
Marks & Spencer, Double Breasted Longline Tailored Coat, €110.00

COS Oversized Double Breasted Wool Coat € 290,00

JAEGER @ Marks & Spencer, Pure Wool Belted Longline Wrap Coat
This is on the more expensive side, but if kept well this coat will last you years. 

Womenswear Casual:
Arket, Waisted Down Jacket € 229

Rains, Long Jacket €95

Marks & Spencer Recycled Thermowarmth™ Puffer Coat €95.00


Menswear Smart:
Marks & Spencer Funnel Neck Mac with Stormwear™ €140.00

Marks & Spencer, Funnel Neck Coat €125.00

Menswear, Casual

Marks & Spencer Hooded Parka Jacket with Thermowarmth™ €125.00Marks & Spencer, Wax Jacket with Stormwear™ €185.00


Please note that some product suggestions contain affiliate links. 

How To: Shop Premium On The High Street

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High street shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. With the right knowledge and a trained eye, you can shop premium without emptying your wallet. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of shopping premium on the high street, with a particular focus on understanding fabric composition and tips for achieving an expensive look on a budget.
Whether you’re strolling down the highstreet or exploring online stores, this guide will help you make smart choices that elevate your style.

The Power of Fabric Composition
To shop premium on the high street, it’s crucial to understand the fabrics you encounter.
Fabrics play a pivotal role in the quality and overall aesthetic of your clothing. Here, we’ll delve into the world of natural fabrics like wool, leather, and cotton, and how to spot them while shopping.

Wool: A luxurious natural fabric known for its warmth and durability. When shopping for woolen garments, check the label for a high percentage of wool content. Merino wool is especially prized for its softness and insulating properties. Keep an eye out for terms like “100% Merino wool” or “wool blend,” which indicates a mix of wool and other materials. Premium high street brands often invest in high-quality wool, so look for well-known labels to ensure you’re getting the best. 

Try: Massimo Dutti, Uniqlo and Marks and Spencer

Leather: Leather exudes timeless sophistication and can elevate any outfit. When buying leather items such as jackets, bags, or shoes, examine the texture and smell. Genuine leather has a distinct, rich smell and a natural grain pattern. Investing in genuine leather may cost more upfront, but pays off in terms of durability and style longevity.
Faux leather is gaining in popularity but I would always recommend these steps to help you spot a good faux leather product, as this can be tricky. It starts with examining texture and feel; high-quality faux leather should mimic the grain and suppleness of genuine leather while feeling smooth and cool to the touch, without a strong chemical smell. Look for a consistent and uniform appearance, with a natural sheen, and check for neat stitching, well-finished seams, and edges. Test the material’s durability by gently tugging and ensuring it doesn’t stretch or tear easily, and be cautious of excessive colour transfer. 

Try: Zara, Anine Bing – faux leather
Theory, Joseph – real leather

Cotton :Cotton is a versatile and breathable fabric, making it ideal for high street shoppers. Premium brands often use high-quality cotton in their clothing. Look for items that specify “100% cotton” on the label to ensure you’re getting the real deal. When shopping for cotton, pay attention to stitching and finishing details; a well-made cotton garment will have neat seams and hems. 

Try: Uniqlo, COS.

Tips for Looking Expensive on a Budget
Now that we have looked at fabric composition, let’s explore strategies for achieving an expensive look without breaking the bank. 


Invest in Classics
Classic pieces never go out of style. Invest in timeless items like a tailored blazer, camisole, white shirt and wool coat. These staples can be mixed and matched with various accessories and other wardrobe items to create endless stylish outfits.

Second Hand and Vintage Stores
One person’s cast-off can be your treasure! While these don’t necessarily fall under the premium on the high street theme, I think they are definitely worth including. Second hand and vintage stores often hide unique, high-quality pieces at budget-friendly prices. Take your time to browse these shops, and you might stumble upon a designer gem or a vintage leather bag that adds an air of luxury to your ensemble. 

Try: Cobbler’s Wardrobe, 38 Dunville, Thriftify, Vestiaire Collective 

Focus on Fit
The fit of your clothing can make or break your look. Even budget-friendly items can look expensive if they fit you perfectly. Invest in alterations to ensure your clothes hug your body in all the right places. A well-fitted garment instantly elevates your appearance. 

Try: Alterations Centre, South Anne Street

Pay Attention to Details
Small details can have a big impact on how expensive your outfit appears. Replace cheap plastic buttons with stylish alternatives, and ensure that zippers and fasteners are in good working order. Additionally, subtle embellishments like embroidery or beading can give your clothing a premium edge.

High and Low Blend
high-end and high street pieces in your wardrobe to create a balanced look. Pair a statement designer handbag with an affordable dress or combine a luxurious silk scarf with a well-fitted blazer from a high street brand. This mix of high and low creates a visually diverse and interesting ensemble.

Accessories Matter
Accessories can elevate your outfit, so invest in high-quality shoes, belts, and jewelry. These items are often the first things people notice and can create a lasting impression of luxury, even when the rest of your ensemble is budget-friendly. Resale sites and pre-loved options work very well here.

Quality Over Quantity
Instead of buying a multitude of cheap items, save your money for a few high-quality, versatile pieces. These investments will last longer and offer more value in terms of style and durability.

In Summary:
Shopping premium on the high street is all about making informed choices. Understanding fabric composition and implementing smart shopping strategies can help you achieve an expensive look without breaking your budget. So, next time you hit the high street, keep an eye out for natural fabrics like wool, leather, and cotton, and remember the tips for looking expensive on a budget. You can also book a shopping appointment with me or my team!

Some Key Premium Pieces To Elevate Your Wardrobe: 

H&M: Oversized Cashmere Jumper

H&M: Oversized Turtleneck Jumper

H&M Hooded Down Jacket

H&M Straight Leather Trousers 

Zara Faux Leather Midi Skirt

ASOS Urbancode Real Leather Skirt

Selected Femme Leather Mini Skirt

COS The Clean Cut T-Shirt

Pre Loved:
Chloé Slip On Sneakers

Bash Black Distressed Ankle Boots 

Prada Velvet Sandals

Please note that some product suggestions contain affiliate links. 

Let’s Talk Personal Shopping with Laura Jordan

By Fashion

We caught up with Laura, the Founder and Creative Director of StyleSavvy®, to chat about the world of personal shopping. From the beginning to the end, we discuss what makes these experiences special, who’s booking them – and why. We’ll discover what sets StyleSavvy® apart in the fashion world- and, we’ll get a sneak peek at her top picks for the upcoming season.

Hi Laura! Can you give us a breakdown on how a Personal Shopping appointment works with you – both online and in person?
Hi! Of course, this is a very common question, as it can be a daunting prospect to place your new style in the hands of a stranger.

For online consultations, once your session is booked in with us, we send you a Welcome Pack detailing what to expect and how to prep. We also ask you to complete our digital questionnaire, which is a quick and easy way to share helpful info with us and think about your consultation goals. During our Zoom session, we talk through this and gather as much information as possible, to create the best possible edit of product links for you. Each is tailored, providing an edit that works for your life, style, body and budget. We ask for feedback once the list is sent and also once your product arrives. Online consultations are ideal for our clients who prefer to shop online, are short on time or don’t wish to travel to Dublin, or find the shopping experience inaccessible, for many reasons.

Online consults are growing in popularity, as we require only a 30 minute Zoom call during your working day, the rest of the work is on us, it is just product ordering and feedback required, which can be done from the comfort of your sofa.

Our in-person consultations have the same prep elements, with a sit-down consultation at the start of the appointment, usually over coffee, to discuss goals, the completed questionnaire and our plan for the session, including shops we intend to visit and any questions regarding brands or budget. We shop with purpose, there is little browsing, making the experience very time efficient. Our clients are often amazed that we can complete a capsule wardrobe within one appointment session! We often have follow-up after an in-person consultation also, with links to products that we like and could not see in-store, or online alternatives that we prefer.

What are the reasons someone might book you for a personal shopping appointment?
Most people have either had some kind of life change (pregnancy, weight loss or gain, change of job or personal circumstance), have no time or interest in shopping, or feel out of the loop with the shopping experience, including what is on-trend or in fashion. Most of our clients do not enjoy shopping at all, we are very sensitive to that. Those that do often feel that they have not got the best value from their spend, and are keen to work with us to try and fix this.

Your spend is focused, your time is focused and your outcome is focused. We set our clients up for success, whether they shop with us twice a year, or want to learn how to shop for themselves.

Do you notice many similarities between people who book?
Yes, most do not enjoy shopping; they find it stressful, overwhelming, or simply don’t feel they are successful at finding the right clothes for them.

How do you understand a client’s preferences and style?
This comes about surprisingly quickly. We ask for style inspiration in our questionnaire, including aspirational brands, encourage increased feedback for the first couple of shops we visit, so we can focus our edit further and from there we often get a successful read. This requires honesty on the part of the client and flexibility on the part of the stylist. The more times we work together, the more focused we get.


Personal shopping is the most rewarding of the services that we offer and the work that I do. My most significant appointments are when I can see a client stand taller in the mirror when they see how they look in new clothes and most importantly how this makes them feel. One of my clients became emotional when she saw her reflection and after a tough few years felt like her best self again, I will never forget her, that is priceless to me.

With the rise of online shopping and virtual personal shopping services, how has the landscape of personal shopping evolved in recent years?
This is so interesting to experience, we are now able to offer a global shopping and styling experience, which fascinates me. We can source clothes and accessories from all over the world and can offer a broad edit. Even pre-covid, we were heavily reliant on in-store product selection, this is no longer the case.

The time and effort involved in shopping can be significant, especially for busy professionals or individuals with specific requirements. How does personal shopping help clients save time and make the process more efficient?
Clients are often fascinated by how fast we work! For the most part, our clients are happy to relax in a changing room, while we bring the clothes to them. This allows some emails to be answered or quick calls to be taken, without booking annual leave to work with us.

 For our wardrobe edits, we require only 30 mins of talking time, for our outfit- pairing services, it is more like 10. We work fast and efficiently, as we are used to working with busy people, who are under time pressure.

Are there any key pieces you would suggest to clients at this time of year?
Absolutely, we are seeing Autumn stock arriving thick and fast, here are some of my top picks:


Cream trench coat:
Why? Cropped but not tight, this works over blouses and tees, is smart enough to pair with tailored trousers, while looking smart with jeans. Add a scarf when it gets colder and you’re set until some heavy wool is needed. Use again from April onwards.

Loewe belt: a punchy price, I’ve chosen this due to its cost-per-wear potential. Add to Summer dresses now, tailored trousers for work and jeans for the weekend and you have a year-round luxe product, offering a potential 3-4 day a week wear.

Zara sequin ballet flats:
as ridiculous as they are fabulous, swap your sandals for these for as long as bare feet are bearable. A great evening option when you don’t want height. These have a padded sole, making them a comfy wear at a  good price point.

Slim Jeans:  my current pick. Why? No whiskering, uniform dye. Opt for the bright blue wash now and deep blue for Autumn.



Best tees on the market: soft and sleek, with a great fit.

Pure Cotton Overshirt:  ideal over a white, navy or striped tee for Autumn. 
Best high street jeans: I would choose Indigo only.

Please note that some product suggestions contain affiliate links. 

Laura Jordan’s Ultimate Sale Shopping Guide: What & Why To Buy This Summer

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Wow! Thank you all so much for the fantastic feedback on our recent Zara Sale Shopping Picks.
The response sparked lots of enquiries about sale shopping in different stores and at different price points so I was inspired to compile an ultimate list of sale shopping picks and most importantly, shed light on the reasons behind each of my selections.

As I mentioned previously, The StyleSavvy® Method revolves around the art of smart shopping, regardless of your budget. Understanding which colours and shapes flatter you, as well as how to identify quality pieces, can significantly enhance your sale shopping experience.

For those interested in personalised support during the sale season, we offer a range of services designed to help you shop smarter. Whether online or in-person, my team and I are here to chat! You can contact us here 

High End:

BA&SH Verlaine Short Coat: With its sharp cut and an attention-grabbing collar, this bomber outshines its high-street counterpart at Zara, earning extra style points. Original Price €345.00. Sale Price €241.50, Brown Thomas.
MAJE Varreau Checked Tailored Jacket: This workwear basic looks equally chic with a tee, wide leg jeans and sandals, as with black trousers and loafers, or a black dress and heels. A truly versatile and timeless piece you will have for years to come. Original Price€355. Sale Price €177.50, Brown Thomas.

MAJE Bourget Leather Jacket: The ultimate leather/bomber hybrid, a must-have for effortless transitional dressing.  Original Price €455.00. Sale Price €273.00, Brown Thomas.
SANDRO Clarance Draped Asymmetric Dress: This stylish dress ticks all three major boxes: it features flattering sleeves, a V-neck to complement a larger bust, a diagonal cut that flatters the tummy, and a versatile length suitable for various occasions. Original Price €265. Sale Price €185.50, Brown Thomas.

Farm Rio GRAPHIC FOLIAGE MINI DRESS: With its warm-tones, this dress is the perfect companion for your hot holiday adventures, keeping you cool and chic throughout. Original Price €225, Sale Price €179.95, Zalando. 

RIXO Daisy open-back sequinned tulle midi dress:  One of my favourite things to do in a Sale is to purchase off-season. Buy this stunning sequinned dress now for a New Year’s Event or Christmas Wedding. Original Price €490. Sale Price €245, Net-A-Porter.
High Street:
Wool double-breasted coat: Buy ahead for Winter, this is a classic shape and will not date. Original Price € 89.99. Sale Price € 59.99 € 59.99, Mango.

Modal-blend suit blazer: Choose blue for cool tones or green for warm tones, available from XS to 4XL. Mango has excellent curve options. Original Price € 79.99. Sale Price € 49.99, Mango.

Floral quilted gilet: The only trend item to make it into the Edit; wear over a tee at weekends or with a white or blue shirt and dark wash jeans for work. Original Price € 49.99. Sale Price € 39.99, Mango.

Pocket tweed jacket: This jacket lifts a tee and jeans, a complete winner for most skin tones. Original Price € 69.99.  Sale Price € 49.99, Mango.

Suit jacket with buttons: This jacket features a vibrant colour that will pack a punch. Even better, it’s now 50% off! With its drop-buttoned style and fantastic cut, it’s a must-have for so many events – from the races to weddings. Original Price € 69.99. Sale Price € 35.99, Mango.

SLIM-FIT HEAVYWEIGHT LONG-SLEEVED T-SHIRT: This is a great weekend bright basic and makes a bright alternative to white. Original Price €35.  Sale Price  €19,00, COS.

REGULAR-FIT DOUBLE-BREASTED BLAZER: Wear with the matching suit trousers (below ) now and black in Winter. The fabric is thick enough to pop a polo neck under it also. Original Price €150. Sale Price €75, COS.
WIDE-LEG TAILORED WOOL TROUSERS: These are a beautifully cut wide leg trouser. Can be worn with matching jacket ( above ) or with a simple black or white long sleeve top. Original Price €125. Sale Price  €60, COS.
TWIST-DETAIL HALTERNECK JUMPSUIT: Pair this stunning piece with heels and consider investing just €20 to have it expertly taken up, ensuring a perfect fit that grazes your ankles (Think a two-finger gap just above your ankle bone). Original Price €115.  Sale Price €80, COS.

Accessories – High End: 

BA&SH Suede Swing Bag: A bag to see you straight through to Autumn, this crescent shape is very on-the-money, a designer label without the Isabel Marant price tag. Original Price €350. Sale Price €245, Brown Thomas.

JW ANDERSON Chain Anchor Shoulder Bag: An evening bag for every month of the year for a highly discounted price. Original Price €790. Sale Price €295, Brown Thomas.

ACNE STUDIOSLogo Shopper Tote: This is laptop-friendly, a hard box to tick, great for commuter days. Original Price €490.  Sale Price €245, Brown Thomas.

ISABEL MARANT Cadix Raffia Basket Tote: A beach bag with a luxe element, that is a significantly lower price point than a Loewe or Celine. Original Price €420. Sale Price  €250, Brown Thomas.

PRADA Cat Eye Sunglasses: A great shape that will lift the cheekbones. Original Price €230. Sale Price €115, Brown Thomas.  

Accessories – High Street:
Natural fiber carrycot: Another dupe for the Loewe basket bag look. Original Price € 45.99. Current price €29.99, Mango.

LEATHER Chain leather bag: A great YSL dupe and similar colour to the Ba&sh above. Original Price €59.99.  Sale Price €39.99, Mango.

Long chain handle bag: Small, chic & boxy this bag looks so much more expensive than it is. Sale Price €22.99. Sale Price €15.99, Mango.

Polarised sunglasses: These shades look designer and the oversized frame suit most face shapes. Original Price €19.99. Sale Price €9.00, H&M.

Bucket bag: This bag is great for holidays or worn as a crossbody with neutral colours. Original Price €32.99. Sale Price €22, Mango.

Large patterned scarf: Statement scarves are a fantastic way to elevate a leather jacket and tee. Original Price€15.99. Sale Price €7.00, H&M.

Menswear – High End:
AMERICAN VINTAGE Devon Crew Neck T Shirt: A super tee brand, this one is soft and washes well. Original Price €55. Sale Price €25, Brown Thomas.

A.P.C. Chandler Crew Neck Sweater: Buy ahead for Autumn, this sweater is great for blue eyes. Original Price €250. Sale Price €120, Brown Thomas.

PS PAUL SMITH Mid Rise Tapered Leg Jeans:  A staple denim in a really versatile shade. Original Price €195. Sale Price €85, Brown Thomas.

Menswear – High Street: 

100% leather jacket : This is incredible value for a jacket you will wear all year. Layer over a tee in Summer and a fine knit jumper in Winter. Mango is often overlooked in Menswear, always well worth a browse. Original Price € 199.99. Sale Price € 119.99, Mango.

Checked flannel shirt: A hard-working layering piece that once again you can wear all year round. Original Price € 49.99. Sale Price € 29.99, Mango.

Slim fit denim-effect serge trousers: These are a chino-denim hybrid and are great for work. Original Price €49.99. Sale Price €29.99, Mango.

SPLIT SUEDE SPORT SHOES: A great sporty look shoe. Original Price €55.95. Sale Price €39.99, Zara.

MULTIPIECE TRAINERS: Another great versatile trainer that will take you from work to drinks with pals. Original Price €49.95. Sale Price €39.99, Zara.

Please note that some of these links are affiliates, which means I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through them.

Navigating the Zara Sale: Top Picks for Smart Shopping

By Fashion

Summer sales can often feel overwhelming, which is why I’ve curated a selection of my top choices to help you prepare your basket without feeling like you’re spending just for the sake of it. At the heart of The StyleSavvy® Method is the art of smart shopping, regardless of your budget, and mastering the skill of navigating sales to invest in pieces you’ll wear repeatedly. Understanding what colours and shapes flatter you equips you with the knowledge to sift through the tempting bargains and focus solely on items that truly work for you. Additionally, fabric composition plays a crucial role, and it’s something we address in our consultations as well. Without further ado, let’s delve into my handpicked list of favorites from the Zara Sale, accompanied by brief descriptions explaining why I’ve chosen them. 
The Zara Sale is set to kick off tonight at 9pm on the Zara app.

Dresses & Jumpsuits
EMBROIDERED DRESS WITH STRING BELT: This v neck dress is perfect for warmer days and will flatter an hourglass shape. Original Prics 99.95 EUR Sale Price 39.99 EUR

STRAPPY MIDI DRESS: A versatile piece that will flatter more boyish shapes. Original Price 22.95 EUR Sale Price 15.99 EUR

EMBROIDERED SHORT DRESS: Great for Petite Shapes, Smaller Busts and Pear Shapes. Original Price 49.95 EUR Sale Price 32.99 EUR
ASYMMETRIC MIDI DRESS: This statement dress would look incredible teamed with gold accessories for a Summer wedding. Original Price 59.95 EUR Sale Price 39.99 EUR
STRAIGHT-LEG DENIM TRF JUMPSUIT: This jumpsuit could be mistaken for a designer piece. Team with wedges or heels for an evening look. Original Price 59.95 EUR Sale Price29.99 EUR

FLORAL PRINT MINI DRESS : Ideal for those who are petite and who have a cool skin tone. Original Price 45.95 EUR Sale Price 29.99 EUR

MINI DRESS WITH CUTWORK EMBROIDERY: Would look super stylish worn with tan accessories on those with a warm skin tone. Original Price 39.95 EUR Sale Price 25.99 EUR

FLORAL PRINT DRESS: This floral dress could be mistaken for a Zimmerman piece! Original Price 49.95 EUR Sale Price 32.99 EUR
RUFFLED DRESS LIMITED EDITION: This statement dress with added frill drama is a cotton blend and would be stunning for any Summer events. Original Price 99.95 EUR Sale Price 39.99 EUR
ZIP-UP DRESS – LIMITED EDITION:  Again, another piece that could pass as designer. Team with chunky sandals for a chic daytime look. Original Price 89.95 EUR Sale Price 39.99 EUR

Teamed with wide leg trousers or worn over crisp white tees, waistcoats can be such a great addition to your wardrobe. Here are two styles that I think will last through the Summer right into late Autumn.
TAILORED WAISTCOAT: Original Price 29.95 EUR Sale Price 19.99 EUR

STRIPED TAILORED WAISTCOAT: Original Price 39.95 EUR Sale Price 29.99 EUR

When purchasing jackets, consider opting for versatile styles that can be easily layered and paired with different outfits.
LINEN BLEND CROPPED JACKET: Original Price 45.95 EUR Sale Price 32.99 EUR
LINEN BLAZER WITH PRINTED CUFFS: Original Price 49.95 EUR Sale Price 32.99 EUR
CROPPED TEXTURED BLAZER: Original Price 59.95 EUR Sale Price 39.99 EUR
Looking Forward:
Another key tip for Sale shopping is to purchase off season. A quick audit of your wardrobe should give you a good idea of any gaps you may have for the coming months and change in weather.
CONTRAST FAUX SHEARLING GILET: Original Price 59.95 EUR Sale Price 39.99 EUR
TEXTURED BLAZER WITH POCKETS: Original Price 59.95 EUR Sale Price 39.99 EUR

LONG DOUBLE-BREASTED BLAZER: Original Price 69.95 EUR Sale Price 49.99 EUR
My clients are well aware of my affinity for Zara menswear; known for its timeless appeal, excellent quality, and affordability. The current sale presents an opportunity to snag some quality basics, a rarity in sales, making it the perfect time to stock up on essentials.
SOFT OVERSHIRT WITH POCKETS BLACK: Original Price 49.95 EUR Sale Price 25.99 EUR
SOFT OVERSHIRT WITH POCKETS KHAKI: Original Price 49.95 EUR. Sale Price 25.99 EUR
BASIC BOMBER JACKET: Original Price 39.95 EUR Sale Price 25.99 EUR
100% LINEN SHIRT: Original Price 45.95 EUR Sale Price 35.99 EUR

A Long Weekend in Cannes.. where to Stay, Eat and Shop

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I spent a weekend in Cannes last month and had lots of questions via Instagram about what to do and where to eat.

First recommendation is accommodation, in Hotel Casarose, about a 1o min Uber or 20 minute cycle from Cannes. I was there during the Film Festival, so hotels were at a premium in the town. I stayed a little outside as a result, but would make that choice again at any time of the year, as we were close to the sandy beaches of Mandelieu-la-Napoule and could spend the days on the beach (in theory).

In reality, the weather didn’t play ball, so a LOT of layering was needed, aka every thing in my suitcase, all at once. I shared a reel on packing tips, you can watch it here.

The main pointers are to be strict on colour palettes (cream, white, navy, khaki etc) to allow layers to blend well (always thinner fabrics closer to the skin, thicker fabrics as the layers build) and not give the appearance of wearing lots of clothes, despite the reality!

In terms of where to eat, it’s hard to go too far wrong in Cannes. Highlights are Le Cirque and La Piazza.

Drinks in La Californie across from the Cinema are a must; the cocktails are second only to the people-watching.

For an indoor / evening drink, La Belle Epoque is a great shout.

Hotel visits for bar or lobby drinks are viable outside of the Film Festival calendar (they require a lanyard for access at this time), the best being the Martinez, Mondrian and Majestic.

If you can get a reservation, Restaurant la Guerite on Il St Marguerite is incredible. Get a speedboat or ferry there (a lot of the guests have their own yachts!).

Shopping in Cannes is my favourite topic (no surprises there!) and the star in the crown of Cannes is there two Zara stores, designed and merchandised to mix well with the luxury retailers which are in strong supply. Mango is fantastic also, as are all of the luxury spots which have a larger supply of product compared to the Irish counterparts.

The real gem of shopping in France is pharmacy-grade skincare. TikTok supplies a steady stream of advice, the selection again is mind boggling, I have started with Caudalie, and am alternating between the Vinopure serum and Vinoperfect at night.

Flights from Dublin to Nice are available via Aer Lingus and Ryanair. An Uber to our hotel was €80.

Happy travels!

Laura x

Inside Look: April at StyleSavvy®

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April was a big one for us!

We revealed our Rebrand and updated our logo and brand icon. Big thanks to Emily Tuner who created the design and brand consultant Una O’Boyle who guided the project so seamlessly.

Why did we update?

StyleSavvy is guided by the aim of letting all of our clients feel good and look good, every day. We have noted a more diverse client base (40% of our appointments are in Menswear) and wanted to reflect that in a more gender-neutral logo.

After not-far-off 10 years the time was right to update, as we continue to expand and grow.

Corporate Sessions:

We worked with both new Trainees and Newly Qualified Solicitors in Matheson Law this month, a treat as always to talk them through their Personal Brand journey and how it impacts their Professional Image experience at work.

Mother’s Day:

Vouchers were the order of the day for lucky Mums! Our vouchers were a popular choice, available to purchase online and also in a postal version, to wrap and present on the day.


We were busy with segments this month, most especially with Racing as our theme, with lots of Ladies Day festivals upcoming over the next few weeks. Our top tips are to re-use hats, shoes and bags where possible, to manage costs and to explore rental for occasionwear, we like Happy Days Style in Leopardstown and Fox Dress Hire online (@foxdresshire on Instagram).

Until next month,


Laura x

IMAGE Magazine ‘My Favourite Fashion Finds’ March 2023

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It was a treat to be included in Image Magazine’s ‘Favourite Fashion Finds’ series. From my favourite jeans, shoes, jewels and stylish pals, this was a total pleasure.

As a personal shopper, I am often asked about my top tips for jeans, coats, shoes and other staples, but this is typically shared on a one-to-one basis with clients, so it was a great opportunity to create a list of my best advice!

I also highlighted the importance of re-wear and cost-per-wear in the wardrobe, the resale industry is finally booming, with consignment stores providing an opportunity to shop sustainably and also access designer and high quality items at a more achievable price point.

I often spot gems during wardrobe edit appointments which are perfect for resale, this allows my client to generate new income from their existing clothes and put this towards their new, focused and co-ordinated purchases.

Workwear wardrobes continue to be our most popular request, for both menswear and womenswear. We are always eager to start with what the client has, and then build a capsule wardrobe from there. This allows everything to mix and match, so you can’t go wrong when dressing for work.

If you want to find out more about my favourites and the all-important StyleSavvy philosophy, click here to read the full article.

Laura x

Inside Look: February at StyleSavvy

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Welcome to our monthly recap of everything that’s been going on at StyleSavvy!

February was a busy month for us; with exciting photo shoots, TV appearances, and lots of new season wardrobe consultations and personal shopping appointments.
We’ve been working hard to help our clients look and feel amazing as the weather changes, whether that means a complete wardrobe overhaul or just a few key pieces to freshen things up.

But it’s not just our incredible clients who have been keeping us busy – we’ve also been working on some exciting projects of our own! Behind the scenes, we’ve been busy updating our website and developing some new elements that we can’t wait to share with you soon.

Appeared on Style Counsellors on RTE:
This was filmed in November, so it was important to incorporate some colour for Spring. Capsule wardrobes are my thing, we are all about them here at StyleSavvy. We are passionate about all things mixing and matching and the impact that has on consistency and cost per wear: to be able to talk about this and share some top tips on RTE1 was fantastic. I also talked about hemlines and how  to choose ones that flatter your body shape.

Showcased Spring Fashion on Ireland AM:
This has been one of my busiest months for weekend tv. With segments every weekend, weekdays have involved lots of planning and pulling gorgeous looks. From Spring styles at Carraig Donn to Valentines Looks and Layering like a Pro , we’ve covered a wide range of fashion topics. For any further fashion or styling questions, be sure to follow us on Insta! 

Featured in The Irish Independent:
It was a pleasure to contribute to Irish Independent Weekend magazine’s ‘100 ways to save’ on 25th February. We are passionate about shopping smart. Simple changes in your approach to shopping and purchase planning can make a big difference. The cover feature was unexpected! If you’d like to know more about shopping smart get in touch with us here!
Attended Design Showcase at The British Embassy:
It was a treat to be invited for a new design showcase at the British Embassy just as London Fashion week was ending. Students from LSAD were on hand to provide a fashion show of new concepts, all with a sustainable edge. I love attending anything that showcases young Irish talent.

StyleSavvy Glow Up:
This month has also been heavily focused on our brand refresh, from planning a shoot for the website, to selecting images, layouts and design for our 10 year ‘glow up’ I’m hoping it reflects more of our current mission and values and indeed the big plans we have for the next two years! Next step is our new logo and digital branding, which is very exciting.


Wardrobe Updates & Refresh:
Leah has been so busy hosting a lot of shopping appointments, both online and in person! These have been a mix of Spring wardrobe refresh, return to work after a career break or maternity leave, or a post-covid dress code change. She was working with a client in the US this week, which is exciting fo us as we branch into international online markets. We have seen an increase in mens styling requests, in particular Men’s personal shopping, which now accounts for 1 in 5 of our clients! If you would like to chat to us about updating your wardrobe you can contact us here.

Personal Shopping and Image Consultancy at DDI:
Leah is half way through lecturing the current personal shopping and image consultancy evening course in the Dublin Design Institute. We’re excited to be joined by makeup artist Orlaith Shore soon. She had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh and would highly recommend Princes St for shopping! 

We are hurtling towards Spring and are excited bring both our clients and subscribers alike the best wardrobe additions for the season ahead, allowing you to look good and feel good, every single day.

Happy Shopping,

Laura x

The Irish Independent

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Sharing our ‘How to Shop Smart’ tips with the Irish Independent this weekend, an unexpected treat to feature on the front cover! Working with us allows you to spend your money in the most focused and effective way possible, to maximise our wardrobe and ensure you feel good and look good every day. To keep up to date with StyleSavvy in the press follow us on Instagram, or for more information on our services click here. 

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