Complete wardrobe overhaul

What have you got, what is missing, and where do you find what you need?

RaidtheWardrobe in your home (2 hours) and ShopSmart in the shops (2 hours)

  • Full image consultation

  • Wardrobe analysis

  • Capsule wardrobe planning

  • 2 hours of tailored personal shopping





Minimise your wardrobe to maximise your style

2 hour appointment in your home that includes:

  • Full image consultation

  • Determine where your money is best invested

  • Complete wardrobe detox

  • Co-ordinating existing items to create new outfits




Tailored personal shopping

Half hour image consultation,

2 hours of tailored personal shopping

Find out, for once and for all…

  • Colours and shapes that work for you

  • How to mix and match

  • How outfits come together on the shop floor

  • Learn to shop smart – save time and money




In the comfort of your own home, with a group of your friends

2 hour visual interactive presentation

  • Tips and tricks on all things fashion and style

  • Create a capsule wardrobe

  • Learn to shop smart

  • Accessorise like a pro



A StyleSavvy ‘RaidtheWardrobe’ helped me to re-organise my current clothes, create new outfits and see what items I needed to buy. Without even a shopping trip, my wardrobe was transformed.

Dr. Selma FarrellClinical Director, ICON

Laura offers a new and innovative experience during her ComeStyleWithMe events, highlighting the importance of staying true to your own style and finding ways to shop smart for it. She caters for all professions, not just those who need a work wardrobe for an office job. I enjoyed her easygoing and fun presenting style, yet felt that she knew her stuff and was talking from experience.

Siobhan CullenActress, Dublin

Came to StyleSavvy looking for an outfit for my god-child’s Confirmation. I was thrilled with the time and effort Laura put into finding the right shape and colour for me. I have worn the outfit since to a wedding and still refer to the hints and tips that Laura gave me during our shopping trip. StyleSavvy is a great option for finding an outfit that makes you feel confident for a special occasion.

Martina KennyHR Executive, Irish Rail

I hosted a ComeStyleWithMe event in my home based on the recommendation of a friend and was very impressed. Laura put everyone at ease, had a relaxed manner and I particularly liked how she engaged with everyone in the group. We felt we could interrupt and ask questions, which were answered without a bother, before Laura continued the flow of the presentation. It was such an enjoyable evening.

Zara DelanyPrimary Teacher, Dublin
  • €75 supplement for appointments more than 1 hour outside of Dublin city centre
  • €150 supplement for appointments more than 2 hours outside of Dublin city centre
  • For appointments more than 3 hours outside of Dublin city centre, please mail for further information.