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One Shirt Four Ways

We’re all about smart shopping here at StyleSavvy and this week we are featuring 1 shirt (from boohoo.com) and we’ve styled it 4 ways for maximum Cost Per Wear.

  1. Open neck and Relaxed
  2. Buttoned up with Sparkle
  3. Layered Under Leather
  4. Waist Training

Open Neck and Relaxed

The warmer weather has us thinking bronzed necks and delicate jewellery; see this slouchy look which gives you the formality of a collar with the relaxed fit of an oversize piece


Buttoned-Up with Sparkle

Adding some glitz to a check print works really well to formalise the fabric.


Layered Under Leather

A leather jacket is a style staple and adding some soft print with this shirt gives texture and colour to the look….not to mention warmth!


Waist Training

A shirt can double-up as an accessory….what better way to add interest to black jeans and a white t-shirt? This also camouflages any lumps and bumps around the mid-section very nicely…