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On the 6th March, Louis Copeland & Sons are introducing an exclusive week long customer event, giving customers a chance to create their own, individual made-to-measure bespoke suits. The ‘made-to-measure’ event will allow customers to purchase their two bespoke suits for €1200.

Every customer will be assigned a tailoring expert to guide you through your designs to ensure your requirements are met. Choosing from decorative linens, coloured buttons, and personalised monogramming, you’re bespoke suits will be unique and individual, unlike no others.

Customers can book their appointment through the brand’s website, www.louiscopeland.com, and can choose their desired location and time, and if you cannot make a store appointment, Louis Copeland & Sons will send a tailoring specialist to you for a truly special experience.

Customers can choose from four offers, including, One Suit from €795 with a waistcoat or an extra pair of trousers free, Business Collection €795 each or two for €1200, Italian Collection €995 each or two for €1500 or Made to Measure Blazers Event price €499 RRP €699.

The ‘Made-to-Measure’ process will take six weeks from your appointment for the Louis Copeland & Sons team to expertly transition your designs to bespoke suiting. Once completed, customers will be invited back to make any necessary adjustments. This once in a lifetime experience is undoubtedly unique, and will, of course, increase your suiting game.