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Get Your Accessories in Order with StyleSavvy!

Accessories are key to any outfit. So much so, you can wear the same outfit twice, but completely change the look by using different accessories.  Accessories should complement your look, by also adding interest and uniqueness to your clothing. Whether you are going for a statement or minimal look, finding the right accessories are crucial in making your look work.

Take a look at our picks below to help you master accessorising.

The Necklace

A good rule for accessorising is; if your outfit is minimal, choose a statement piece, but if your outfit is the statement, choose a minimal piece. This way you can ensure you get the right balance between your clothes and your jewellery. When it comes to necklaces, you have three options, delicate, statement or a choker. Check out our picks to decide which type will suit your wardrobe best.

Betty & Biddy - €16

Betty & Biddy – €16

River Island - €10

River Island – €10









The Earrings

Similarly, you have two choices with earrings; minimal or statement. A statement earring will take any look from daytime to night-time, giving you that extra sparkle for a night on the town. Minimal earrings are a must for any professional. Choosing the right minimal earring will give you that extra allure with taking away from your professional look. Of course, both can be worn vice versa if you choose the right style.








The Bracelet






The Clutch

The Pom Pom

Pom pom key rings have become ‘the trend’ AW16. Attach one to your handbag or purse for instant personalisation – trés chic!

Amara - €34

Amara – €34

Claire's - €5.99

Claire’s – €5.99

Dune - €13

Dune – €13











Happy Shopping!